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Design Academy Eindhoven and Mijksenaar announce cooperation

Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) has invited Mijksenaar as a guest tutor for the Master Information Design.

This is the first and only programme in the Netherlands where wayfinding will be taught extensively and intensively. Through this partnership, wayfinding will have a permanent presence at the renowned academy.

The Mijksenaar’s tutorship in 2016 is the start of the second series at DAE. Topics that are covered in the module include psychology, natural wayfinding, branding and architecture. The diverse topics show that a company’s discipline is an important factor in how they present to a client.

Joost Grootens, Head of Department, explains:
‘Information design focuses on understanding and making large amounts of complex information instrumental. This can be very diverse, from complex current issues in the news, to datasets, but complexity in a spatial context is also an important subject of study. The students and I are delighted to be working with Mijksenaar.’

Kim Bouvy, Coordinator Information Design, adds:
‘Doing the project on wayfinding with Mijksenaar was an eye-opener to realize the importance of wayfinding and the importantce of its relation to architecture. Which role does the designer play? It is not only about graphic design, it addresses a much broader scope of issues that we hadn’t realized before.’

This article first appeared in our newsletter Flows nr. 7, 2016

Photo Copyright: Images during one of the Mijksenaar classes (image: Kim Bouvy)

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