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How travel apps make our travels smart (and drive us insane)

‘How do we get to where we want to be?’ used to be the most important question during our journey. Now the question is becoming: ‘Who do I trust to tell me where to go?’ The ‘appification’ of travel is making our journeys smarter, more personal and more fun. Yet if we’re not careful, it’s going to drive us insane.

The SEGD/Hablamos Juntos Healthcare Symbols – Will They Work?

In October 2010, SEGD proudly introduced a universal set of healthcare symbols It was developed in collaboration with Hablamos Juntos (Spanish for ‘let’s talk together’). It is obvious that it was an enormously complex project and quite an achievement, for which we want to compliment all the many people involved.

The Schiphol story – ‘Preserve what’s good and improve what’s weak’

The new Schiphol Airport was designed by Marius Duintjer, in close collaboration with interior architect Kho Liang Ie, who brought graphic designer Benno Wissing of Amsterdam studio Total Design on board to create the signage.