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When we know exactly what we want to communicate, we choose the medium and create designs that fit their environment. After realization, we offer tools and support to maintain your new wayfinding system.

First we listen

Every project starts with a kick-off meeting with your team and ours. Maybe travelers can’t find the restrooms at your airport. Or visitors at your museum have a hard time understanding your map. We listen and ask lots of questions to get a good understanding of the situation. We discuss mutual expectations and how we will work together.


Immerse and Analyse

Next, we go ‘undercover’, putting ourselves in the shoes of the visitors or travelers. At every step, we ask ourselves: ‘Where are we now? What are our options here? Where should we go?’ Back in the studio, we organize and visualize what we encountered, and share and verify our findings and conclusions with you.

Mijks Signage Organizer


Based on our analysis and your input, we develop an information strategy that fits your goals, processes and user groups. The information strategy outlines the answers to three basic questions: which information is presented, where & how? We visualize different concepts to make them come to life. Whenever possible, we collaborate with architects, developers, and other experts to create an integral strategy. 

Design and Develop

Once we know what to communicate, we start developing the medium. Starting from the chosen concept, we develop a distinct system of shape, color, and typography. The design is developed to simultaneously be in harmony with its environment, and stand out at the same time. We create a methodology that determines the exact amount of information people need at every step along their way.



With feedback on the design, we prepare the required files, information and instructions. We provide you with advice and support during the selection of a qualified partner. During production and installation, we are there to answer questions and solve issues that may arise. 

Maintaining quality

Congratulations, your new wayfinding system is installed and it works great! What is needed now to maintain high quality and optimal customer experience are well-organized facility and service management. We offer advice and an online solution to manage the quality of the installed wayfinding system.