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A glimpse into a future library – Bibliotheek Neude

‘We want to turn the library into a place everyone wants to go to because they know there is always something worthwhile going on,’ says Director Ton van Vlimmeren about Neude’s new library.

The imposing monument in the middle of Utrecht is expected to be a visitor magnet.
The new library is a place full of information, knowledge, exhibitions, festivals and work spaces. Mijksenaar will help unlock that information and offer it to visitors as clearly and distinctly as possible.


Connection through communication
De Bibliotheek Neude (Neude Library) is a striking example of literal and metaphorical reuse. More than 90 years ago, the building was constructed for connection and communication purposes, and this use is now continued.
The last post office in the Netherlands, this building went out of business in 2008. The first Dutch library in a former post office will open in about a year from now.

29393561803_c68988e8d3_kBibliotheek Neude during Bring Your Own Beamer, Utrecht by Sebastiaan ter Burg, used under CC BY 

Study, debate, dance
The image of a library as a dusty book depot has been superseded for some time. Here, you can also have a coffee, study in one of the quiet rooms, listen to a lecture, take part in a debate, dance.
That is why it is important that the programming is always available and visible on the inside (and the outside) of the building. Visitors have to be led into the library, invited to come in and retrieve and share knowledge.

The Mijksenaar team will start work on the project in January.

Photo Copyright: Impression by Rijnboutt (image: Kees Hummel)