Drawn Rotterdam

Municipality of Rotterdam   Completion: 2016–

Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, asked Mijksenaar for advice on improving the readability of its city centre. The city has a characteristically innovative and modern identity. A large section of the city centre was built after the Second World War and as a result, many visitors say Rotterdam feels unlike the cities they are accustomed to.

Over the past months, Mijksenaar has examined the city centre. We put ourselves in the positions of visitors, discovered the city for ourselves and held interviews with locals and tourists. We then translated the data into a strategy plan on increasing the readability of the city. The strategy plan embraces the identity of Rotterdam, its innovative character, striking architecture and amazing places.

An important goal is to emphasize the variety of areas and possibilities. The transitions between these areas become easier and (though people may not even notice it) bridgeable. This allows every visitor, through suitable wayfinding, to experience the city and discover even more of its charms.

During the Binnenstadssymposium, the design team will gather input from drawings of ‘mental maps’ of the city. Which areas, routes and landmarks are well-known and which are not? This way, we can ensure that the wayfinding is in keeping with the image that people have of the city.